Video Equipment Case Inserts that Protect Video Conferencing and Vlogging Gear

Living in lockdown, vlogging and video conferencing are definitely on the rise. Spending so much time at home, people are turning to vlogging in an effort to be more creative and communicative. Because vlogging provides great, engaging content for social media, companies are also embracing this art form. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of people and businesses who have taken up content creation as a way to connect and share experiences and thoughts. And, with the shift to a remote workforce, video conferencing has exploded!

With greater numbers of people now seeing us online on both public and private channels, many have turned to vlogging and video conferencing gear to help them look and sound their best – tripods, special lighting, microphones and more. Keeping this equipment safe during transport or between recordings is important. That’s where we come in.

Custom Foam Case Insert for Video Recording Equipment

The Custom Inserts You Need to Safeguard Your Investment

At FUSH Cases, we create customized cases for all types of video and audio recording equipment. We recently created custom video recording gear case inserts for a large, full-service production company that works with clients all over the world. This company is known for designing, producing and broadcasting live events for brand leaders. They had been referred to us by a long-time client a while back, but at the time the client’s project had been put on hold. During these unprecedented times, the project was back on. So, we got busy fabricating 80 custom case inserts.

Designing the Case Insert

To accommodate all of the video recording components in the case, we designed two layers, each with multiple cavities, as well as a foam insert for inside the case top. This allowed for a compact case that yet cushioned and protected each piece.

Bottom Layer of Custom Foam Case Insert for Recording Equipment
Top Layer of Custom Foam Case Insert for Video Recording Equipment

Selecting the Best Foam for the Case

Our foam fabricators choose HRC (Highly Recycled Content) Polyethylene foam for this project. This non-abrasive, dust-free foam will provide superior cushioning protection for the gear. It is also vibration dampening, shock absorbing, and chemical and water resistant.

Precise Cuts for a Secure Fit

The best protective case contains inserts that are custom cut for each component. We used a waterjet cutter and the latest software technology to craft clean cuts that followed our carefully crafted design.

The End Result

We provided the client with 80 custom foam inserts that will safely secure their video recording equipment during shipping, transport and storage.

If you are looking to have a foam insert fabricated for your case or need a new case with a custom foam insert, give us a call. We are ready to bring your project needs to fruition. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of densities and composition – so we can ensure short lead times.

See more samples of our custom foam inserts.

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