Protective Foam for Cases

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FUSH Cases’ Custom Foam Inserts Are the Ultimate Choice in Protection

When storing, transporting and organizing your valuable items and products, you need the ultimate protective foam option – a custom foam insert fabricated by FUSH Cases. While pick and pluck and DIY foam case inserts offer some protection, they simply cannot provide a safeguarding fit. All our case inserts are cut to your items’ specifications using sophisticated drawing programs and high-tech cutting equipment. A FUSH Cases’ custom cut ensures a precise fit that provides optimal shock absorption and protection from impact.
Protective Foam

The Most Appropriate Foam for Your Needs

As a leading foam fabricator, our 50,000-square-foot facility is fully stocked with varying types of foam to create inserts for all kinds of things, from computers and cameras to delicate tools and equipment. Our experienced engineers help you select the right foam for your project based on your items’ specifics like weight, fragility and handling requirements.

Meticulous Design

A precise fit is needed for ultimate protection – and that begins with the right foam insert design. Ideally, we prefer the case components in hand prior to starting the design process, allowing us to physically test the items against the fit of the foam insert. If that is not possible, we can design the insert using DXF files, computer drawings and specs, photographs or sketches of your items. Do you have multiple items to store in your case? Our team will incorporate multiple cavity depths and cut outs into the design to accommodate just what you need.

Precise Cutting Capabilities

We quickly and accurately bring the insert design to life using our state-of-the-art cutting machines. Our facility houses a CNC water jet cutting machine, CNC Fastwire cutting machine and several die-cutting presses, each creating foam inserts in shapes that precisely match our design drawings. With this high-tech equipment, we easily tackle the most intricate cuts and produce high-volume runs – all with quick turnaround time.
Protective Foam

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