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Protect Your Valuable Items and Merchandise with FUSH Cases Foam Inserts and Cases

  • Capabilities

    As a full-service foam fabricator, we easily tackle the most intricate cuts and quickly produce high-volume runs utilizing state-of-the-art drawing and cutting equipment.

  • Foam

    Our experienced team works with you to customize and create a case interior that safely cradles and showcases anything from computers and cameras to tools and scientific instruments.

  • Cases

    Every case is tailored to individual specifications. With a large variety of sizes, levels of durability and price points, we create custom foam cases for any need and budget.

FUSH, the Foam U Should Have

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We Custom Make the Foam U Should Have

To Store, Transport, Organize and Protect your items, you need the right foam, the right case, and the right fit. At FUSH Cases, we are committed to providing customers with the cases and custom foam inserts they should have to safeguard, and aesthetically display, valuable items and merchandise. Whether shipping cases across the country or supplying cases to employees to showcase merchandise, we will make sure everything fits perfectly for safe travels.

Customized Protective Case Solutions

We focus on the foam and case that YOU need. No cookie cutter cases. No pick and pluck foam. Only cases with foam inserts custom designed just for you and your specific needs. With literally thousands of options available, our experienced team will help guide you and select the appropriate and most cost-effective options to meet your needs.

Sophisticated Drawing Programs and State-of-the-Art Cutting Machines

Our high-tech drawing programs and cutting equipment allows us to create custom foam case inserts for any need. Working with your actual items, DXF files, computer drawings and specs, photographs or sketches, our engineers will design the insert layout. Then, we cut the foam using a CNC water jet cutting machine, CNC Fastwire cutting machine or die cutting press into a shape that precisely matches our design drawings. With this high-tech equipment, we easily tackle the most intricate cuts and produce high-volume runs – all in quick turnaround time.

Protection for All Types of Items

Regardless of the item or industry, FUSH Cases can create custom foam to properly fit that item in the appropriate carrying case. From vintage items to microscopes and bubble gum machines to knives and glasses to computer monitors and cameras – FUSH Cases is the answer for packing and protecting your most valuable items.
Custom Foam Insert for Vintage Microphone by FUSH Cases

Creating custom foam inserts for all types of cases for all kinds of things!

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