A Hard Plastic Case with FUSH Cases Custom Cut Foam Inside Provides Superior Protection

Keep Your Items Safe with a FUSH Cases Customized Plastic Case

A hard plastic case can safeguard your valuable items and products during storage and transport if it is made of the appropriate plastic and contains a custom cut foam interior. At FUSH Cases, every case is customized for ultimate protection from case size, material selection and a customized foam insert that cushions your items from impact. You can have peace of mind that your case components will be secure during handling and arrive intact and organized ready for presentation or use.
Hard Plastic Case with Cut Out for Storm Trooper by FUSH Cases

We Make Choosing the Right Case Simple

The right size and type of case is the first layer of protection. So, it’s important to choose wisely. With so many options, making a selection can be overwhelming. Not at FUSH Cases. Our team will guide you through the process to find the case that best fits your needs based on size, durability and price point. The two most popular types of hard plastic cases are blow molded and injection molded.

Cost Efficient Blow Molded Cases

Blow molded cases are budget-friendly and functional. These type of hard plastic cases are optimal for light use and smooth transport. They tolerate high and low temperatures and can secure a vast variety of items.

Rugged Injection Molded Cases

Injection molded cases are the best choice for heavy duty use. More durable than blow molded cases, they are designed to withstand hard impact and harsh environments. Crush-resistant and water tight with o-ring seals, they are built to last and resist the elements.

Customizing Cases with the Foam U Should Have

While “cases” may be in our name, we are first and foremost a foam fabricator. All inserts are created in-house. Our facility is fully stocked with a wide variety of foam and features state-of-the-art cutting equipment. Our FUSH Cases team designs and fabricates foam inserts that precisely fit hard plastic cases and shield their components from damage. While its best to work with the actual items themselves, we also work with computerized drawings, photographs, or sketches. A customized foam insert provides the all-important second layer of protection.

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