Custom Foam Inserts

Personalized Cushion Protection

Interior Protection Built Just for You

Cookie-cutter foam inserts just don’t cut it. If you want the best protection for your items during storage or transport, you need a custom foam insert. At FUSH Cases, we specialize in creating inserts for all kinds of cases and for all types of things. Whether you require an insert with extremely intricate cut-outs for a set of scientific tools or a more basic insert for your salesforce’s sample kit, we fabricate the Foam U Should Have.

Foam that Precisely Fits Your Items

FUSH Cases’ foam inserts perfectly cushion your valuable items and products, keeping them safe and secure. Using advanced drawing programs, our engineers create an insert layout that precisely fits the dimensions of your case components, no matter how unusual! While we prefer to work with the actual items during our design process, we will also work with DXF files, computer drawings and specs, photographs or sketches. Once the design is complete, our advanced technology machinery fabricates the foam into a custom insert for your case.

Single Inserts or High-Volume Runs

With a wide variety of foam stocked in our 50,000-square-foot facility and our sophisticated cutting machines, we produce cost-effective single and high-volume runs to meet even the most aggressive timelines. Whether you need to protect your personal HD camera or require product sample display inserts for an entire sales force, FUSH Cases is the solution to your custom foam insert needs.
Custom Foam Inserts

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