Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cases and Custom Foam Inserts

Can FUSH Cases Design a Custom Foam Insert for Me?

Yes! That’s what we do! As a foam fabricator, we create custom foam inserts for all kinds of cases for all types of things in-house. Our 50,000 square-foot facility has a variety of foam in stock ready to use for your case. We work with you to learn more about the case components and your plans for storage and transport. With that information in hand, we utilized our high-tech drawing programs and cutting machines to create a foam insert that precisely fits your items and cushions them from impact. Learn more about our custom foam insert capabilities. We would love to discuss your project with you. Please contact us at 888-970-FUSH (3874) to get started on your own customized case.

Do I Need to Have a Foam or Case Preference?

When you contact us, we will evaluate your needs and offer our recommendation taking into consideration pricing, durability, protection and manufacturing processes. Please call us at 888-970-FUSH (3874) to discuss your options.

What is Your Return Policy?

FUSH Cases stands behind all of our customized cases. If a customized case proves to be defective, please contact us immediately. Please do not return the project without contacting us and receiving a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number. No returns will be accepted or credited without an appropriate RMA number. After receiving the defective merchandise, we will test it if need be, and we will ship back to you (at our expense) a non-defective replacement product. Fabricated custom foam is unable to be re-sold and as such, we are unable to offer refunds. Please call 888-970-FUSH (3874) and speak with a customer service representative.

Can My Case and Foam Insert Order Be Expedited?

In order to maintain manufacturing continuity and the ability to adhere to previously made delivery promises, Production Run quantity orders most often cannot be expedited. However, FUSH Cases will always work with our clients to offer partial shipments or possible alternative solutions. Expedited shipping will always be available through standard delivery channels.

Is FUSH Cases Eco-friendly?

Yes, we are an eco-friendly company. We regularly stock and utilize recycled content foam.  All unused raw materials and project scraps are either densified or bailed and returned to our suppliers who are able to reprocess and reuse the material in new products.

How Long Until I Receive My Custom Case Inserts?

Meeting and exceeding client’s expectations is always foremost in our minds, so it is important to get as much information as possible with respect to the required timeline at each step in the process – from design to delivery. Our production queue generally runs about two weeks from receipt of order, but if a die is required, a few extra days may be needed. Partial runs are always possible to assist clients who find themselves in a pinch.

I Have Some Questions About Your Process.

Who Can I Call?

Our team is available and ready to assist you 5 days a week from 7:30 – 4:00 EST.

Please call us at 888-970-FUSH (3874) to discuss your project.

Call us to get started on your customized case.

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