Aluminum Cases with Foam Inserts Provide Sleek Protection

Safeguard Your Items in Style

Protect, store and attractively organize valuable personal items, products or sensitive equipment with a customized aluminum case from FUSH Cases. Lightweight, yet durable, aluminum cases are the ideal solution for presentations, sales kits, or a simple carrying case – when combined with a custom foam insert. They allow you to make a statement while you ensure safe and secure transport.

All Types of Aluminum Cases for All Kinds of Things

Although a briefcase may be the first type of aluminum case to come to mind, there is an array of aluminum case options that can hold so much more than just documents. We offer everything from attaché cases to larger cases for promotional materials to transport or storage style containers. Whether you need something light or heavy-duty, our team will help you select the appropriate case based on the components and proposed case use.
Aluminum Case with Foam Insert for Electronic Equipment Cut by FUSH Cases

Custom Designed Foam Inserts

While a stylish aluminum case may safeguard your items, it is only the first layer of protection. For ultimate security, you need a custom cut foam insert that cushions the case components from impact during transport and storage. A custom foam insert is also the perfect way to showcase merchandise. You will not only make a statement with a sleek case when you meet potential customers, you will call attention to its contents, attractively displayed and intact, when you pop the case open!

Using state-of-the-art drawing and cutting equipment, our FUSH Cases team design and fabricates foam inserts that precisely fit your case and its components. We can work with the actual items themselves, or computerized drawings, photographs, or even sketches.

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