Portable Medical Case and Kit Custom Foam Inserts

Having the right equipment is necessary for any type of medical worker to treat a patient. And, for those workers on the go, how your house and transport your equipment can help or hinder your ability to do your job. At FUSH Cases, we believe that medical equipment should be housed in a case where the insert was made specifically for that equipment to both sufficiently protect it AND optimally organize it so you can immediately find what you need in a demanding situation.

Prefabricated, fixed, and even modular cases are typically not sufficient to safely cushion sensitive equipment and necessary medical supplies or provide instant, easy access. That’s why members of the medical community reach out to FUSH Cases to create portable medical cases and kits with customized foam inserts to fit their unique needs. We make their jobs easier. Below is one example of a recent insert we created for a portable COVID-19 Test Kit.

Customized Portable Medical Case to House COVID-19 Testing Kit Created by FUSH Cases

Portable Medical Case Insert for COVID-19 Test Kit

When COVID-19 hit, the medical community – and the businesses who serve it – had to quickly respond. They not only had to devise tests to detect the virus, but also had to make sure those tests safely made their way to their destinations. During this time, we were asked to make custom case inserts for COVID-19 test kits – a task that required an immediate turnaround. We jumped right in to do our part creating a design and prototype within two days, and completing the entire order for 200 inserts in just 10 days. Our team of technicians was committed to making sure these kits were out in the field where they were desperately needed as quickly as possible.

Designing and Fabricating the Case Insert to House the Test Kit

With the items in hand, we designed a two-level insert with individual cavities for each integral piece of the kit. The separate compartments enhance protection of the sensitive equipment and allow for quick identification, access, and re-packing. The components were of varying sizes and shapes, requiring a design that included multiple profiles and contours.

To keep the case compact for travel, we designed two-layered inserts. The design incorporated a removable top tray with two straps riveted on each side for easy removal by medical workers. To assure optimal fit and cushioning, we created the insert from 1.7 polyethylene HRC (highly recycled content) foam and utilized our TTARP die cutter to ensure a fast turnaround time.

COVID-19 Test Kit Medical Case Components

COVID-19 Test Kit Medical Case Components
Medical Case COVID-19 Test Kit Components

The Completed Case Inserts

Top Layer of Custom Cut Foam Insert for COVID-19 Test Kit Medical Case – Removable Tray with Straps

Custom Cut Foam Insert for COVID-19 Test Kit Medical Case

Lower Layer of Custom Cut Foam Insert for COVID-19 Test Kit Medical Case

See more samples of our custom foam inserts.

If you need a custom foam case insert for your medical case or kit, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of densities and composition – so we can ensure short lead times.

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