Custom Product Cases that Organize and Protect

Custom Product Case for Sensitive Equipment Created by FUSH Cases

Looking for a durable case to house the products you sell? We customize product cases for all types of items. Manufacturers and companies all over the country turn to FUSH Cases for their specialty case needs. As you probably have already come to realize, not every product can easily – or safely – fit into a standard case and insert. We can help.

Our experienced team selects the right case for your product, then designs an insert that securely fits single or multiple items of varying shapes and sizes. We can create protective inserts for even the most delicate or intricate items. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you have made to create a case that will protect their purchase and keep all the necessary gear organized for the job at hand.

Our Specialty Case Process

So you can get a better understanding of how we create customized cases, here are the details of a recent project. A company that manufactures products for the natural gas distribution industry retained us to create cases to hold extremely sensitive equipment for its customers. We had completed a product case project for them previously. They were happy with the results and reached out for custom cases for two other product groups, which are used in the installation and maintenance of natural gas lines.

Components for Case 1

Sensitive Equipment for Custom Product Case

Components for Case 2

Natural Gas Equipment for Custom Product Case

Case Selection

Based on the sensitivity of the products and the importance that they be kept safe during transport from job site to job site, durable Pelican cases were selected. They can withstand high-impact in tough conditions.

Case Insert Design

Safely securing products during transport is the foundation of every design. That is why we prefer to have the items in-hand. Although we can create a custom product case using drawings, specs, photographs or sketches, the actual items ensure the most secure fit. Based on the client’s requirements, we can design an insert with multiple cavities in multiple depths.

Foam Insert for Natural Gas Equipment Created by FUSH Cases

The design for the first case for this client included cavities of varying shapes, sizes and depths.

Custom Foam Insert for Gas Equipment Products Created by FUSH Cases

For the second case, we customized both the base and the lid. To accommodate a protruding valve handle, we engineered a lid with a cavity that allowed the case to close properly. We also created a cavity in the lid to house an accessory, which will be held in place with three Velcro One Wrap straps.

Foam Selection and Cutting

Our foam fabrication experts select the right type of foam for the case – polyethylene, cross linked polyethylene or polyurethane – and its density. This decision is based on the type of product and the case use. Here we used  2.2 black polyethylene foam, which is the ideal choice for this project. This foam offers superior protection for the delicate product parts and its dense construction offers optimal support for the heavier case components. To achieve a clean cut, we used a water jet machine.

The Finished Custom Product Cases

Customized Product Case For Installation Products Created by FUSH Cases
Customized Foam Insert for Case Holding Gas Installation Products Created by FUSH Cases

See more samples of our custom foam inserts.

If you need a custom case for your products, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of densities and composition – so we can ensure short lead times.

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