Microphone Case Foam Inserts

When you’re traveling to record concerts, conferences and stage presentations, keep your recording equipment safe during transport with FUSH Cases custom cut foam inserts. We create customized foam inserts that cradle and protect microphones, routers, cables and other accessories as you move from one job to the next, like these inserts we created for Emmy Award-winning sound designer and audio mixer Paul Bevan. With an experienced team of foam fabricators and a large fabrication facility, we have the ability to do large production runs, as well as have the time to give the needed attention (at a reasonable price) to individual projects.

Microphone Case Foam Inserts – FUSH Cases

Foam Cutting Challenge

Paul Bevan treks across the globe for recording projects. The sought after sound and mixing professional, who has won an Emmy for his work on the Danny Elfman Project, The Music of Tim Burton Live at Lincoln Center, works with recording artists and on live events of all scales and sizes around the world. His client roster includes the likes of Hall & Oates, Mott the Hoople, and The Clinton Global Initiative, to name a few.

Before reaching out to FUSH Cases, this frequent traveler was individually wrapping his microphones and routers with bubble wrap and cramming them into an oversized case. With a demanding schedule that requires he travel on a moment’s notice, the wrap/pack system was clearly not optimal for Paul. Portability, protection and organization are paramount for his profession. He needed a convenient and compact case to safely carry his microphones and routers to various projects.

Our Design Process

A secure fit starts with a precise design. Paul provided his case and its components, then our team got to work measuring the pieces and drafting a design with state-of-the-art software that maximized the space while offering superior protection and organization. The design included a removable tray for additional microphones.

Cutting the Foam

Our knowledgeable foam fabricators selected 1.7 black polyethylene highly recycled content foam for Paul’s case. The material was chosen because it is ideal for the microphones as it is non-abrasive and provides dust-free cushioning. Using a water jet cutting machine, we precisely cut the custom design into the foam.

Custom Cut Microphone Case Foam Insert

The Finished Foam Inserts

These customized case inserts will assist Paul in keeping all his gear in one location neatly, safely and compactly.

Custom Cut Microphone Case Foam Insert for Paul Bevan

If you need custom audio recording gear foam inserts, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator with a large selection of foam in stock, we offer very short lead times and can do large production runs.

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