Custom Foam Inserts for Fragile Equipment

Custom Foam Inserts for Fragile Equipment – FUSH Cases

If you need to protect equipment or tools during transport and storage AND also need easy access to each piece, we can help. At FUSH Cases, we provide custom foam inserts for cases that house all types of components in all shapes and sizes – and specialize in the protection of the most fragile and delicate items. We design and craft inserts with compartments that keep your precious cargo safe, secure, and readily accessible. This travel case custom insert for a natural gas distribution company is one example of our capabilities.

Foam Cutting Challenge

Our client needed a travel case with a foam insert to safeguard delicate equipment used for gas leak detection and gas piping installation and repair. It was important to the client that it house this unusually long and thin equipment within the smallest case possible for easy transport, while simultaneously allowing the tools to be easily accessible for use by technicians at the worksite upon arrival.

Natural Gas Leak Detection and Piping Installation Equipment – FUSH Cases

Our Design Process

The client needed an insert that was protective and practical. This isn’t a problem for FUSH Cases – it’s what we do every day for clients in all types of industries and sectors. Once we received the equipment from the client, our team of experienced design professionals got to work. First, we assessed and measured the case components. Working with those measurements and the size of the case, we then utilized our sophisticated software to create an insert design with cavities to hold and display each piece.

Cutting the Foam

The design was then precisely cut into 2.2 black polyethylene foam using a water jet cutting machine. This type of foam provides cushioned protection, vibration dampening and shock absorption. It is also non-abrasive, dust-free, and chemical and water resistant – perfect for this equipment.

Custom Cut Foam Insert for Fragile Natural Gas Leak Detection and Piping Installation Equipment – FUSH Cases

The Finished Foam Inserts

See more samples of our custom foam inserts.

If you need a custom foam insert for a case, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of colors, densities and composition – so we can ensure short lead times.

Custom Foam Inserts for Fragile Equipment – FUSH Cases

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