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When Aesthetics Matters as Much as Protection

If you need to safeguard case components during transport AND showcase them at the same time, we have the solution. FUSH Cases specializes in creating custom foam inserts that keep our customers’ items safe, while simultaneously providing an eye-catching presentation. Our experienced team works with you to design an insert cut for your needs – from selecting the best type of foam for your project to crafting a design that optimally protects your items and makes them pop with flocking.

Flocked foam’s smooth and luxurious finish mimics the look and feel of velvet. It’s plush texture contours delicate surfaces and provides the perfect backdrop for product promotions.


Every FUSH Cases insert is custom cut to securely fit your items. So, we speak with you to learn more about the case components and your transport, storage and presentation requirements. This in-depth discussion enables our foam fabricators to create the ideal insert for YOU.

Choosing the Right Foam

There are multiple foam options. Based on how often the case will be transported, the weight and fragility of the items, and type of product presentation, we will select the foam type and density for your project.

Enhancing the Presentation Factor with Flocking

We can augment the wow factor of your foam insert with flocking. This addition adds the look and feel of velvet to your foam for an impactful impression.

Crafting the Insert Design

After analyzing the case components and presentation requirements, we will use our state-of-the-art design software and cutting equipment to create an insert layout that will effectively cushion, organize and showcase your items.

Example of a Custom Flocked Foam Insert

A promotional products company needed a glamorous item to be given away to high-end golf enthusiasts. We were tasked with fabricating 225 foam inserts to house branded golf balls in an elegant aluminum case. Rather than simply using foam to secure the balls, we suggested adhering black flocking to the foam for a more sophisticated look.

Multiple drawings were made to assist the end user in the design of the insert. Once the proof and sample were approved, we adhered black flocking to the foam then used an automatic die cutter to create the inserts out of #2 Charcoal Ester Polyurethane. The result was a luxurious background that highlighted the branded golf balls.

If you need a custom flocked foam insert for your case, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator with a large selection of foam in stock, we offer very short lead times.

Custom Cut Foam Insert for Golf Balls with Black Flocking
Flocked Foam Insert Showcasing Golf Balls

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