Pick and Pluck vs. Custom Cut Foam Inserts for Cases

You have selected the right case for your components. Now, you need the right foam insert to make sure they stay safe during transport and storage. Did you even know you had foam insert options? Well, you do! You can choose from pre-cut cubed foam that can be “plucked” to fit your items or custom cut foam that precisely fits your case components and secures and protects them as they are moved.

At FUSH Cases we only offer custom cut foam inserts because we believe they are the optimal choice. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons why.

Custom Cut Foam Inserts

Pros: Precise Fit, Customization Capabilities, Material Options, Longer Lifetime, Aesthetically Superior

Cons: Requires Longer Lead Time Due to Customization

Dollar for dollar, a custom cut foam insert is the best insert option. It is specifically designed and crafted to meet your project’s requirements. You provide the components for the case, DXF files, computer drawings, specs, photographs or sketches and engineers custom design the insert layout. Then, the foam is cut using a CNC water jet cutting machine, CNC Fastwire cutting machine or die cutting press into a shape that precisely matches the design drawings and perfectly cradles your components. Using high-tech equipment, even the most intricate cuts can be achieved, as well as cavities of various sizes and depths.

With a custom cut insert there are also foam choices, so you can be sure you are getting the best foam to protect your specific items.

Pick and Pluck Foam Inserts

Pros: Quick Lead Time, Inexpensive, DIY Solution

Cons: Falls Apart Over Time, Only One Material Available, Imprecise Fit

Pick and pluck foam is die cut into cubes. You pluck out the cubes of the foam to create cavities that will fit your case components. While this process allows for your items to fit within the foam, the fit itself is not a precise one. So an item with a complex shape is not well protected. And, if you make a mistake and pluck one too many cubes, that pluck cannot be undone. You will need to purchase a new sheet of foam or you are left with an inexact fit for your item.

With pick and pluck foam, you do not have material options. The concept behind the diced foam requires that it be fabricated from a polyurethane, low-density foam that tends to break down over time.

Pick and Pluck

Looking for a protective foam insert for your case? Give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of densities and compositions. FUSH Cases works hard to ensure the shortest possible lead times for an insert that is made just for you!

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