Customized Case Solutions and Unsurpassed Customer Service

At FUSH Cases, we are focused on creating satisfied customers. To us, that means more than simply crafting a foam case insert that meets a customer’s expressed needs. We strive to make your entire customer experience a pleasant one — from our first conversation to the delivery of your completed project.

If you are new to the custom foam fabrication process, you may not be aware of all the little details involved in designing and producing a case insert. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are committed to making the entire process as simple as possible for you.

We’re Good at Uncovering Your Needs

It all starts with discovering what your case requirements really entail. Our experienced foam designers pride themselves on being able to gather all the pertinent information that a client generally tends to overlook. With years of experience in the business working with countless clients on all types of cases for all types of things, we know the right questions to ask to elicit the information for the perfect custom foam case insert.

Getting the Design Just Right

We want your foam insert to work for you – and all the project decision-makers. An insert everyone is happy with starts with the design. Before we ever get to the cutting stage, we provide drawings of the case insert for your review. These drawings can be based on actual components you provide, DXF files, computer drawings and specs, photographs or sketches. The drawing guides our fabrication, so it is important that we draft something that fits what you are looking for. To that end, we are flexible and modify drawings as needed to accommodate your requirements.

State of the Art Foam Cutting Technology used by FUSH Cases

Focused on the Ultimate End Result

We have all the machinery and technology required for designing and fabricating foam case inserts – state-of-the-art drawing software, die presses, water jet cutting machines, and more. From small quantities to large production runs in a short lead time, we have the capabilities to get the job done at a competitive price. All the while, we are focused on the overall end result: use, aesthetics, timeline and budget.

Foam Cutting Machine – FUSH Cases

A Pulse on Foam Industry Technology

As leaders in the custom foam case inserts industry, we stay abreast of the latest updates in the market so we can offer the best product possible. From acquiring the newest machinery and software to sourcing innovative raw materials, we are always looking for ways to produce projects more efficiently and cost-effectively so we can pass the savings along to our customers.

Branded Custom Foam Inserts for Cases

We are ready to craft your custom foam case insert. Give us a call to speak with one of our experienced foam fabricators.

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