Custom Travel Cases for Equipment

Looking for a case that will safely house your equipment AND provide a single, convenient mode of transport? FUSH Cases has just what you need. We have the cases and foam you need to protect even the most sensitive items. Our technicians will help you select the best case for your travel needs then custom cut a foam insert that will cushion and protect your equipment – keeping it safe on the road and in storage. Inserts can be cut with various compartments and layers to fit a significant number of components of varying shapes and sizes – and keep them readily accessible for ease of use. This travel case for mobile liquid testing equipment is one example of our capabilities.

Customized Travel Case for Equipment – FUSH Cases

Case Challenge

Our customer needed a durable, wheeled case that would hold up well during extensive travel and safeguard expensive, sensitive testing equipment. It was imperative that this case fit a significant amount of equipment and accessories for easy transport between projects.

Equipment for Custom Travel Case

Creative Design

Accommodating all of the customer’s requirements entailed careful thought and creative design. Our team selected a Pelican 1615 Air Case. This polymer case is super-lightweight. Its maximum airline check-in size, retractable handle and quiet rolling wheels make it an ideal choice for travel.

To fit all of the testing equipment, our design incorporated the lid foam. This allowed us to utilize all of the available space in the case to offer the most compact case possible, while maintaining adequate cushioning for all items.

Custom Cut Foam Inserts for Equipment Travel Case

We engineered a lid with document pocket and relieved the cavity to accommodate a testing unit sticking up into the lid. A support block provides cushioning for a second testing unit lower than the surface of the foam and included a catch all cavity with Velcro straps to secure bags of accessories. We installed a vertical, PVC plastic support wall in the base for the large cavity on the right side to offer additional structural reinforcement. Velcro straps were also threaded through the side wall of the foam to secure the base of the testing unit and unit clamps.

The case insert was constructed of 2.2 polyethylene foam, precisely cut with our water jet cutting machine.

The Finished Customized Case

See more samples of our custom foam inserts.

If you need a custom equipment case, give us a call. As a full-service foam fabricator, our facility is always fully stocked with foam in a variety of colors, densities and composition – so we can ensure short lead times.

Custom Travel Case for Equipment – Foam Inserts – FUSH Cases

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